Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Dear Main-Stream Media,

The war we are fighting now is NOT VIETNAM! Instead of every day, telling me how many of my brothers and sisters in arms have died overseas, how about you report on some of our victories? Tell me how many we got, too. We may have lost 4 in a firefight that cost them 20. The way you tell it though, our armed forces are nothing but cannon fodder for an enemy we couldnt possibly win against. (My eyes are rolling as I type that, by the way) And although every life lost is important, far more important than that is the humanitarian victories. I want to hear when we put up a school, fix a road, dig a well, get those towns electricity. I'm glad that people are voting in Afghanistan right now-report on that and not just the violence associated with those who would see that those people live in fear every day.

Much Obliged- BangBangMedic

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