Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm not going to make this tragedy political. I'm not going to spread the shooters name, or share his photo, or in any way respond to his apparent glee.

But, I absolutely MUST say something, in response to the nationwide political hysteria that has followed.

Stop projecting blame!

This was not the work of a right wing nutjob.

This was not the work of a left wing nutjob.

This was not caused by the music he listened too.

This was not inspired by a campaign poster that used crosshairs. That markmanship analogy has been in common use since the bow and arrow days, probably before.

This was not brought on by politics, or vitriol.

No laws in the world world would have prevented this. Murder is already against the law.

Even if this animal one day claims he was politically motivated, or musically, or because of a video game, or to impress an actress, it won't matter. Because the recent events in Arizona were brought on by one crazy man pulling a trigger. He alone bears the responsibility for it. Before you say it, the insanity excuse won't fly with me. You can't make it as long as he did outside an institution without knowing that killing people is wrong.

As to the politicians and pundits rushing in from all corners to push their own personal agendas...shame on you all. Let the dead rest, and the living mourn.

That is all.

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  1. Nor was it the fault of what he ate. I'm not going to draw connections between his acts and his diet even though others with that diet throughout history consumed that diet and committed evil acts of violence, and I am referring to the fact that this nameless evil madman ate potatoes in the months and years before he committed that evil act. The Incas performed unspeakable acts on non-Inca tribes, and they ate potatoes in large numbers. The Russians likewise committed evil acts after eating potatoes, and the Irish, of course, had the "troubles" while eating a diet heavy in potatoes.
    This makes as much sense as any drivel that came out of the mouths of leftists after the murders and shooting this blog post refers to.